The Fallen Chronicler is a journey of a summoned outcast and his quest to unearth darkest of secrets of a mysterious cult that is haunting the land.

In The Fallen Chronicler, you play as a lone off-sea outcast called back to the mainland to unearth the darkest secrets of a mysterious cult in rising. You must build your own path through the dark corners of the world, making your way to the very heart of the dark organization, revealing ancient scrolls in process that hold the magical words that can engulf all of the world into utter chaos. In the end, your mission is to stop them... or not?




- Game features extensive character creation where thousand possibilities and outcomes are possible. Every option in the creation process will determine how will you play your character and how the world will react to him.

- Every action that your character does increases his knowledge of the world around him. We present that knowledge through various skills your character possess. Every skill is divided into three tiers where every tier unlocks certain ability for your character. (e.g. Focus skill over 25 increases distance you are able to see at night etc.)

- Survival of your character is vital for your play-through. You will face many dangers on the roads of the Empire be it at day or night and you must be prepared to overcome them. By picking up ingredients you are able to brew magical potions that will give your body strength that it lost - health will only regenerate if you drink healing potions, eat food, rest or advance certain skill.

- Everything you come upon can be stored into your inventory. Stack up too many things and you will not be able to move. It would best be if you would sell it to many merchants scattered around the world, or maybe even put it on sale in your own shop that you acquired. In this game money can get you almost anything you desire - from horses to shops and your very own private keep.

- Game environment is filled with numerous non-player-character who have their own "brain". They behave like a real world people, with their own daily routines, jobs and everyday things. They are vital part of the game as they are the ones that player will most communicate with, be it in dialog or by combat.

- Some of the non-player-characters lives in the safety of the many walled cities that exist in the game. They are centers of trade, questing and adventuring in general. In them player will find some of the most interesting things the game has to offer and is able to settle there himself.

- Every building, ruin and other object that player stumble upon on his many adventures are enter-able. There player can steal items from others, drink with common folk at the local inn, rest from his adventuring days etc...

- Weather have great impact on the player and his surroundings. The world is divided into climate zones where certain weather types wont apply. Current weather is calculated dynamically taking into account climate, calendar and current weather in general. (Thunder storm cant come from blizzard)

- Core of the game are quests. Quests are tasks that are bestowed upon player by certain non-player-character or event. There are plethora of quests scattered around the world that will give you one unforgettable and enjoyable experience. If completed successfully they will reward you with some coins, item or even some building property.

- Every quest that has been successfully finished, together with every good deed done by player will add to your reputation. Reputation will determine how well non-player-character knows player - is he well known or some unknown guy. Valor and Crime represents two sides of the same system. While Valor is gained by good deeds, Crime is gained by bad deeds. If one is increased, the other will deplete making a balance in this alignment system. Valor can make you a remarkable hero of the people, one that is loved by everyone and who is welcomed in every city, while Crime will make you into bandit and outlaw, person welcomed nowhere except with his friends bandits, but who have access to certain extensive bandit "story-line". Every action in the game can have long term consequences.

- At the start of the game, player is welcomed by the knights of the Order of the Sun - an honorable order dedicated to the welfare of the Empire. A mysterious cult known as Society of Chroniclers is on the rise, and the good and religious people of the Empire are coming under its influences. The Most Holy Emperor Himself suspects that there is a foul heresy underneath its covers. It is on you, an outcast, to become one of the cultists and uncover dark and sinister truth that lies beneath everything...

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