1. What platforms is The Fallen Chronicler being released on?

– Currently I am intending to release The Fallen Chronicler on PC and Mac.

2. Will you release this game on PS4? Xbox One? Wii U?

– At this time and phase of the development , I as a sole developer on the project can not promise to bring the game to the platforms in question. Honestly speaking it would be great to see all those pixels on the consoles…

3. When are you intending to release?

– Well, this is a huge project for a one man team, but as things are going smoothly the game should be done in a year or two.

4. One man team?

– Red Moose Games is a video game developing studio made by one guy – me.

5. Do you need some help?

– Help is always welcome in projects of this scope, especially on graphics, sound and music part.

6. What is the story of The Fallen Chronicler?

– The Fallen Chronicler is a open world role playing game set in a fantasy world of magical proportions. The lands of the Empire once flourished in glory and prosperity, but a sinister shadow haunts the land. Player, the outcast from over the sea, must redeem himself by choosing the good or the evil.

7. Will this game have multiplayer?

– The game is designed as a singleplayer experience.

8. How long have you been working on this?

– I started designing The Fallen Chronicler back in the July 2014.

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